Regain control for a happier and healthier business and life

Join my online 1:1 Signature Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme for business owners and leaders.


I’m Sabrina, your Burnout Coach

As a classically trained neuroscientist, therapeutic coaching and art-based practitioner, I blend the latest insights from  these areas and my personal experience of burnout recovery to deliver a science-backed burnout coaching programme that really works.

I’ve experienced periods of burnout throughout my life so I get what it’s like, and how it makes every day life a real challenge. So you’ll be talking to someone who’s been there and understands how tricky recovery can be.

The best way to get to see if we’re the right fit, and how my Signature Restore.Reset.Resilient Coaching Programme will help you is to book a free 25-minute discovery call.


“Sabrina was amazing! She knew what questions to ask and how to get me to think differently, she was very open and we connected well. I have better mental clarity regarding my personal life, as well as my business.”

AC, Business Owner


 Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme

Feel better and stronger to manage your business and life the way you deserve

If you want to take back control over how you spend your time and energy, become more resilient, and go from living in 2D to 3D, I can help you achieve that.

My online therapeutic coaching approach offers practical tips and techniques that help you overcome burnout and chronic stress.

Work with me to feel happier, more confident and in control by focusing on 3 core pillars:

  • Restore: identify the basics to help your mind and body begin recovery, where to prioritise, and get unstuck
  • Reset: understand your habits and burnout drivers, and make helpful changes that improve your focus, calm and effectiveness
  • Resilient: create a healthy and mindfully productive way to manage stress and overwhelm better in the future

I developed the Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme after working with business owners and leaders as a freelance therapeutic coach in partnership with Mental Health UK, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group so I know it works.

Sound good to you? Book a free 25m discovery call to get started and let’s see how we can work together.


“It has allowed me to reassess not only how I feel about work, and my approach to it, but also my personal life.”

DH, Regional Manager

The Roadmap

Each stage builds on the next

Restore.Reset.Resilient Coaching Programme Roadmap


What people are saying…

I got really lucky and felt Sabrina was on my wavelength. Having had coaching before, I know how helpful it can be to talk to someone completely unconnected with life as their perspective is so different.

I refocused on what I need rather than whatever everyone else needs.


Business Owner

I found that Sabrina’s encouraging style led me to open up about the stressful challenges I was facing and to reflect the importance of having time to think about my own wellbeing and tools to support my thinking


Senior Area Manager

The coaching has helped me with practical ways to help deliver what I want or need to achieve, setting stronger boundaries and structures to my day or approach to certain meetings or interactions.


Team Lead

Ready to start living again?

How we’ll work together throughout the Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme


6 x 60-minute sessions using my tried and tested coaching approach to build your recovery path.

Sessions are all delivered online via Zoom.



In between our sessions I’ll invite you to try some simple activities to maintain recovery.

This could be picking up a forgotten hobby, reflecting on key moments in your life, or creating something inspiring.


Have a question or hit a roadblock? You can email, text me or WhatsApp anytime for support.

I’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible (certainly within 24 hours).


Is it for me?

My Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme is perfect for you if you are:

  • A business owner or leader ready to be challenged but with compassion
  • Prepared to make changes and try out new ideas
  • Aware that lasting change can take time and effort
  • Committed to sticking with it, even when things get tough (remember, I’m here to support you all the way)
  • Open to having some fun along the way
  • Keen to start living and I mean REALLY living) your life again!

If you’re looking for someone to give you all the answers, want to moan without taking action or you’re looking for a quick fix, this coaching programme isn’t for you.

Still not sure? Book a 25-minute discovery call with me to talk it over. 


Too good to be true?

Feeling apprehensive or sceptical? Great, that means you’re just the kind of deep thinker I love to work with!

But to satisfy your BS alarm, here are 5 rock-solid reasons to work with me:

  1. I have an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health and an IAFPD Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching

2. My Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme is based on evidence-based research, and my own personal experience of burnout and coaching business owners and leaders with burnout and chronic stress

3. The frameworks I use are rooted in psychological theory, therapeutic coaching, and neuroscience-informed and creativity techniques

4. I’m trained in a trauma-informed coaching approach. We may not realise how trauma continues to impact the way we live, but I’m comfortable talking about difficult topics

5. I’ve coached several business owners and leaders, so I totally get the pressures you’re under when you have to perform well in your business whilst balancing your personal life


Take the next step

I want to find out more

I only take on a small number of 1:1 coaching programme clients at a time so I can give you my full attention and make sure I’m fully invested in your development.

Set up a call with me today to book your slot. 


£1,499 (excl. VAT)

Reconnect with your life with my Signature Restore. Reset. Resilient Coaching Programme, delivered entirely online

Book a free 25-minute discovery call to kickstart YOUR burnout recovery and be happier and healthier in your business and life.



Answers below…

What happens next?

Once you’ve booked your free discovery call, we’ll explore the outcomes you’re looking for and how my coaching approach can help over Zoom.

If it’s not the right fit, we can part ways there with no worries.

To work together, I’ll send you a payment link to cover Coaching Programme costs and secure your spot. Then you’ll review/sign a coaching contract and use a link to book your first 60m coaching session.

Don’t forget, if you change your mind and decide you do want to work with me, you can always drop me a note at [email protected]

Will you share my details with anyone?

Everything we discuss will be confidential based on my Privacy Policy and coaching contract terms and conditions. I also work under the Association For Coaching’s Global Code of Ethics.

The only time I may need to break confidentiality rules is if I think you or someone else is at risk of harm. In this case, I may need to call the emergency services to ensure help is provided as required.

I've never had coaching before? What if I get nervous?

Coaching with a new person can always be nerve-wracking. I have felt the same when I’ve worked with a new coach personally or as part of my coaching training.

I work in a person-centred approach so want to ensure you are as comfortable and safe as possible in the coaching conversation.

We will go at the pace you are comfortable with, and I will ask challenging questions where I believe these will help.

You are always able to stop the session or change the topic if you get overwhelmed.

I’ve worked with many clients who have been in different emotional states so you don’t have to feel alone in how you might feel. I’m here to help you feel and function better.

Is this only available online?

Yes, I only offer my coaching services online via Zoom, which is integrated with my calendar booking system.