Hiya! I'm Sabrina and I help experienced managers become physically and mentally fitter for work, life and leadership

With evidence-based strategies, I get you confidently setting boundaries, moving out of overwhelm, and cracking the self-limiting beliefs holding you back from a life worth living!
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Are you a busy, under-pressure and people-focused experienced manager?

    • Feel like you’ve lost confidence in doing your job well because you’re overworked and can’t concentrate?

    • Worried about making decisions, pushing back, and asserting boundaries because you might lose your job?

    • Frustrated you don’t have time to develop your team to make the real impact you know they can deliver?

  • Imagine if you:

    • Had calm yet alert and focused energy to think clearly, take decisive action and create value
    • Regained time to deliver the work obligations that matter and build a stronger, more impactful team in your unique style
    • Could confidently lead in a way that builds upon your quiet, reserved, or understated traits and feels natural

If so, I can help…

  • We’ll collaborate to help you reconnect with what matters to and motivates you so you feel confident in saying no and speaking up with authority whilst also delivering successfully
  • You’ll learn how to ditch fears or limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, master your focus and take committed action to create the work-life balance you want
  • My online coaching and training services are informed by the latest practices in neuroscience, psychology, and creativity to deliver real results


Coaching services

Signature 3-month Programme: From Frantic to Focused (£1,800)

  • Once you’ve experienced burnout or loss, recovery can seem impossible. But our work during this 3-month Programme gives you the time, focus and insights needed to reframe those limiting beliefs and any unhelpful habits so you build courage and confidence in yourself again

  • We’ll start with a 90m deep dive session to talk through your experience, what the drivers are, and what’s blocking your recovery or ability to move forward.

  • You’ll come away with clear steps that help you feel better, prioritising improved sleep, nutrition and wellbeing for a solid foundation
  • Then we’ll work together over 5 x 60m coaching sessions every 2 weeks to clarify your values and strengths so you clear aside your blockers and create simple, practical steps to move forward
  • Between sessions, you’ll have useful workbook activities that build on the ‘aha’ moments that come up during coaching
  • I’ll also be there for you with online support (text, chat, email) so you won’t be alone through your recovery journey
  • 2 weeks after the programme closes, we’ll have a 30m check in session to see how you’re doing and answer any questions so you stay on track to feel physically and mentally fitter


Is this the right process for you?

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For us to work well together, it’s useful to check that my coaching approach & assumptions are aligned to what you’re looking for so we build a mutually respectful, trusting relationship

You are going to…

  • Be ready to put in the effort to honestly observe & experiment
  • Accept that lasting change sometimes takes time
  • Be open to exploring new ideas, habits & routines
  • Persist & keep going even if it’s hard (remember I’m here to support you all the way!)
  • Ask questions & stay informed

 You aren’t going to…

  • Expect a ‘quick fix’ – possible but unlikely to create lasting change
  • Assume I will give you all the answers
  • Use our time together to complain without committed action
  • Give up aspects of life that are working for you – these are a great foundation to build on!


A little bit of my story

Sabrina Ahmed

Performance coach | Founder

My mission is to help people understand themselves better so they can spark authentic change for a healthier & more fulfilling life

I’ve worked across global financial services, tech & consulting organisations, with distributed teams, CXO level management & external vendors for 20+ years & survived my own challenges with burnout & feeling stuck. I get what it’s like and how exhausting it can be

But, although I take my work seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously, & ensure I provide a non-judgemental but fun space to explore new ways of thinking, doing, & feeling

My superpower is discovering what makes my clients uniquely capable of achieving what they want. As an introverted coach, I’m also acutely aware of the challenges that being introverted can bring when showing up in the world

So if you’re looking for someone that helps you tap into your deepest insights, challenges you when you’re holding back, & celebrates your wins when you achieve them, get in touch!

Sabrina Ahmed


What do my clients say?

Image by Fauxels from Pexels

As a newcomer to coaching and any similar activities involving true self-reflection, I was initially cautious of the tangible benefits each session would provide.

After the very first session I realised this caution was misplaced – each session, which I am encouraged to drive and lead, is dedicated to topics I choose to discuss and issues I am currently facing in both my personal and professional life. The sessions provide me with a fresh, productive and truly helpful way of re-framing my experiences and thinking.

Eleanor, HR Professional

Sabrina is amazing and really helped me focus on my values when I was struggling to decide if a job was right for me.

She helped me stay focused on the positive things and understand what it is I value in a job, helping me make the right career move.

Rebecca, Business Analyst

My coaching sessions with Sabrina have helped me tremendously, words cannot express the happiness and confidence I have found.  The non-judgemental and safe space allows me to grow and explore who I am.

I have rediscovered myself; being aware of my values and what is important to me.  This has shut off some of the negative chatter in my head and I trust myself more.

I cannot recommend coaching with Sabrina enough to anyone; I am happier within myself and it shows in every part of my life

Shabnam, Pensions Expert



Send me a note if you have questions or want 1:1 coaching now

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