Work with me



What results will you get by working with me?

Through my online Coaching services I’ll help you feel energised & in control so you can focus on what really matters. I’ll support you to gain practical skills & insights, where we’ll work together and create a change roadmap to:

  • Discover what’s really IMPORTANT to you, & what you can ignore
  • Define a clear VISION for the future you WANT
  • Develop your CHANGE MINDSET by unpacking the limiting behaviours & beliefs that are holding you back
  • Build COURAGE & CONFIDENCE in using your STRENGTHS & capabilities
  • Create a PERSONAL SUCCESS PLAN of actionable tasks so you achieve what you want & NAVIGATE challenges resiliently
  • Establish helpful HABITS & SOCIAL SUPPORT to keep you focused & motivated along the way

How will I guide you?

Still unsure about whether working with me will ACTUALLY work for you? I've been where you are & understand how weird it might feel or how hard it is to shift long-term patterns & move past those sticky fears!

Well, you can rest easy as I've successfully helped people just like you & this is why:


It sounds obvious but talking things through without self-censoring with someone who is there to listen is VITAL. It helps organise your thoughts & join the dots between related issues so you can get clear on the bigger picture


You are the expert on you but sometimes that insight gets lost in the noise. I love helping people have those 'a-ha' moments by drawing out the most important & impactful solutions that work for you when you are ready to take action


I use evidence-based tools & techniques with my clients e.g. solution-focused, CBT, guided imagery.... They're easy to implement together & on your own, delivering real benefits & IMPROVEMENTS you can see


I've created a coaching & training approach based on best practice & my experience of what works. It's flexible enough to fit into a busy lifestyle, but structured enough to satisfy the need for a calm & consistent plan



I've worked across different sectors & at all levels. I'm endlessly fascinated by people, their stories & experiences. Why do people open up to me? Because I don't judge their choices & am helpful when needed. I'll do the same for you


Creativity is hard-wired into our brains but tricky to cultivate, especially when working against your core tendencies. I help tap into that innate creativity so you get amazing insights & can build innovative ways of thinking, doing & feeling